1. deficit that exists between the DPRK and NATO

resolved to invite the DPRK to participate in the re-initiation of

Broken channels of communication shall be
re-established and all participating parties shall endeavor to curb the
profound trust deficit that exists between the DPRK and NATO member states;

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The DPRK is urged to either accede to the NPT
or to agree upon a separate framework whereby:

The DPRK shall accept IAEA investigations
into nuclear facilities and sites agreed upon beforehand;

The IAEA shall conduct thorough and vigorous
investigations in accordance with InfCirc 153c and InfCirc 540c, provided that
the DPRK signs on to and ratifies these agreements;

If the DPRK refuses to ratify and accept the documents
mentioned in sub-clause b(ii) of this clause, it shall draft separate
agreements with the IAEA, no later than 60 days after the entry into force of
the aforementioned framework;

IAEA inspectors shall submit a report to the
Ad- hoc committee comprising of P5 members based on the proliferation status of
the agreed upon sites and facilities;

Once the Ad- hoc committee is sufficiently
satisfied by the IAEA’s report, it shall ask UNSC to lift sanctions to a
limited extent as it decides;

The DPRK is urged to conduct disarmament
under IAEA scrutiny either in accordance with the NPT or in accordance with a
separate disarmament framework:

The DPRK shall submit a weapons report to the
IAEA outlining the size and nature of its entire nuclear arsenal;

The IAEA shall verify the accuracy of the
DPRK’s weapons report using its updated surveillance methods as well as help
from intelligence channels;

All nuclear weapons shall be disarmed under
the IAEA in a safe manner and location and all fissile material obtained from
the weapon shall be either blended down to a form which cannot be used for the
manufacture of nuclear weapons, or be sold to one of the members of the Nuclear
Suppliers Group (NSG) for a price agreed upon by the DPRK and the state making
the purchase;

The weapons shall be disarmed at a rate of
20% per annum;

The IAEA shall submit biannual status and
progress reports to the UNSC regarding the progress of the disarmament

Once the Ad- hoc committee is sufficiently
satisfied by the IAEA’s progress and status reports on the disarmament efforts
in the DPRK, it shall remove sanctions incrementally and proportionally with
the extent of disarmament that has occurred in the DPRK;

If the IAEA reports that DPRK has not
complied with any portion of the agreement, and the Ad- hoc committee agrees
with such an assessment, the UNSC sanctions shall be re-implemented in their
entirety as they were at the start of the entire procedure;

The DPRK shall also, in return for additional
financial assistance, be asked to set a limit on enrichment of nuclear
materials, to be verified and enforced by the IAEA, such that any enrichment
shall not produce special fissionable material as defined by Article XX of the
Statute of the IAEA;


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