1. sleeping pills may cause Maria to feel anxious

1.       In regards to Maria Montanelli, who is
34 years of age and cares for her 96 year old mother with dementia, it is
highly important and absolutely crucial that Maria gets all the extra support
needed from social services and other professionals. The professionals would
need to show compassion towards Maria to ensure that her needs are efficiently
met. Due to Maria worrying about her position as a primary school teacher, as
her lack of sleep is affecting her abilities in a negative way, in result of
her being the primary carer for her mother, it is emphasised that Maria finds
an alternative method of care for her mother in order for her to receive the
right amount of sleep. Another factor that could be affecting Marias sleeping
patterns is the use of sleeping pills that she has become dependent upon. The
dependency of sleeping pills may cause Maria to feel anxious and become
stressed if not taken, this could have a negative effect on her teaching
performance as she may not be able to access all of her abilities. This may
cause more stress for Maria and result in severe mental health issues. Maria
could be suggested herbal teas and scents in order to help her sleep and ease
her anxiety, she may also be suggested yoga classes for a relaxation technique
to ease her stress levels. Marias needs are also being met by allowing rest by
carers to be available and flexible whenever Maria needs to leave the house or
have independent time. However, the carers should also show compassion towards
Maria as her mother is 96 years of age and suffering from a severe mental
health issue and therefore Maria should be respected as and when she wants to
spend time with her mother. It would be highly beneficial that Maria’s mother’s
carers should be able to speak and understand Italian as her knowledge of
English has deteriorated with the development of dementia. It would be
beneficial as it would allow her mother to express her own needs instead of
Maria, however, due to this not being able to be put into place as funding is
lacking results in Maria having to lose more independence and sleep because she
is having to translate her mother’s needs to the carers when needed. This will
have even more of a negative effect on Maria’s teaching performance. The care
assistants should be empowering towards Maria as she may become isolated as her
mother is ill, so by empowering Maria her independence will be promoted and may
fell less guilty by socialising with people outside of her mother and work.
This will in turn improve her social life. As Maria is concerned about her job
as a primary school teacher, her head teacher should be supportive in helping
Maria maintain her post and empathising towards her as she is caring for her
ill mother instead of being negative and making comments that may make Maria
feel more anxious a depressed. In order to prevent this situation from
occurring a member of the trade union representative should have been present
so that the issue could have been dealt with efficiently. However, it is highly
respectful that the head teacher has allowed Maria “compassionate leave” until
the support from the social services has been implemented. It is also respected
that equality and non-discriminative behaviour has been agreed upon as this
will reinforce Maria’s confidence and lower her anxiety. Empathy has been shown
by the head teacher allowing Maria to reduce her hours when she returns to work
in order to support her mother and help Maria to get her own life back on


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