advancement that have been undertaken in the Game development industry few
commercial games have focused on making game characters behave more natural and
cognitive. One game worth mentioning is Grand Theft Auto V which was developed
by Rockstar Games 8. Characters do so much more than just the basic movements
like shooting, and fighting. Multiple characters in GTA V interacts naturally
over several episodes and behave in more believable natural behavior. GTA V has
clearly overcome the one of the major issued discussed on 4 which was
implementation of believable and natural communication between characters. This
was done by proving more information to characters and also by use of special
environmental characteristics. These features that are used Grand Theft Auto V
to create a realistic appearance. However, this trick can only be used in
well-defined environments and most of the situations has to be preprogrammed.

The Developers who are building self-driving cars will now have the option to
take their AI agents for a spin in the simulated open world of Grand Theft Auto V thanks to
OpenAI’s, Universe program 9 10.

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