In the previous
systems management of the biological waste management is becoming a challenging
issue in India due to rapid urbanization and alarming growth in population. The
government and non government agencies has recognized biological waste
management as matter of concern. Proper methods of treatment of bio medical
waste needs to be developed for the environment .

                                          it is very essential to properly collect  segregate&store,treat&dispose the waste.
Incineration is the one of the most commonly adopted methods of treatment of
the bio medical waste in india,this is because of low cost .this process of
treatment of the waste leads to the pollution of the environment. Health care
institutions do not use the satisfactory methods for the treatment of the bio
medical waste management the waste generated from health care facilities are at
present collected without segregation into infectious and non-infectious
categories and disposed in municipal bins located in either inside or outside
facility premises. The solid waste management has become one of the major topic
of importance but still local bodies are unable to give the proper attention towards
bio medical waste.

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                              Large amount of
the bio medical waste occur when unwanted or expired chemical and
pharmaceutical products are removed and chemical waste removed by drainage
system may have the toxic effects  on the
eco system and water where are  discharged.
Proper treatment methods must be followed under proper supervision. The bio
medical waste has to be transported to the disposal site in a safe manner and
the transportation vehicle must have specifications.

                               Systematic approach of
bio medical waste is compulsory and we should educate on this issues and create
awareness among the public.



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