A Glaucus Atlanticus is known to be cannibalistic. At

A Mysterious creature…… many people have not heard about. Some say that it even resembles a severial pokemon. An animal of size which is below 4 cm long takes of one of the world’s deadliest jellyfish. What animal is this you may ask? The Dragon of the sea…… Glaucus Atlanticus.         The Glaucus Atlanticus more commonly known as the “Blue Dragon” or “Blue Sea Slug” has quite a plain diet. But it still packs quite a punch in the animal world.  It’s usual prey is the Atlantic Portuguese man o’ war Jellyfish. The man o’ war or the Porpita porpita. Both types of jellyfish. The Portuguese man o’ war  has stingers up to 165 ft long. But the miniature creature kills the man o’ war. The Portuguese man o’ war is pretty much all they eat, but the Glaucus Atlanticus is known to be cannibalistic. At the same time, the Glaucus Atlanticus looks pretty weird too. It has up to 84 cerata. Cerata are where the stinging cells are stored from what the Glaucus Atlanticus eats they are basically little jellyfish stinger . This animal has a blue underside and its upperside is a greyish color. This is a genuine Pokemon!The Blue Dragon is Generally found along the coast of the Pacific, Atlantic and indian ocean after large windstorms. Or it can be found in the Humboldt Current on the coast of Africa. The animal is almost never below the water is is always floating and the surface of the water camouflaging, waiting for its prey to float by. We should also consider it’s amazing adaptations as well, The sea swallow (another name for the Glaucus Atlanticus) has a  adaptation that I find pretty interesting. The Glaucus Atlanticus has a gas filled stomach to help maintain positive buoyancy. But due to the location of the stomach this creature floats upside down. This also helps the Glaucus Atlanticus stay as still as possible so predators such as birds do not find and eat them.                                                                   


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