ABSTRACT that may be from the common cold to



a day with the assist of cloud computing, m-healthcare system facilitating a
platform for patients and doctors to communicate each other. It facilitates an
efficient and secure data renovation with the help of privacy preserving and
authenticating mechanisms. M-health care system provides fast and secure
treatment for patients by sharing their health information among health
providers. It mainly focused on data confidentiality and privacy regarding patient
and doctor details. There are many authentications and secure systems emerged,
but those are not well exploited. To overcome and enhance them, a novel
approach called authorized accessible privacy model implemented in this paper. Here
patients are going to authorized concern doctors based on the key features and
predicates. According to give information an attribute based signature done by
patients to authorized health care provider. It is achieved by patient self
controllable and multilevel privacy preserving authentication scheme (PSMPA).It
provides multilevel security and privacy in distributed m-health care system regarding
the retrieval and verification of patient health information. Compared to
existing authentication schemes our proposed system is capable of handling
attacks and results in less computational overhead.

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It had a rapid growth
in worldwide, in EU and US health insurance act to reach good quality and
secure health treatment. In m-health care system, the personal health
information is shared among all patients and health care providers. These
details are maintained in distributed cloud server in order to get mutual
support and communicate. It faces many security issues like data privacy and






To solve any diseases
that may be from the common cold to the most dreadful diseases like cancer,
medicines are very much necessary.

 But sometimes you will not know about the availability
of the medicines in the particular medical stores that you are searching for.

 At this situation, the medical search engine
application will be very useful.

 The medical search engine application help you
to provide the information regarding the medicines available in the nearby
medical stores that you are searching for.

To get an interaction
between the patient and doctor medical search engine techniques using java and servlets.

By creating a database
about the diseases and what precaution we can use about medicines and symptoms
and preferred doctors.

To solve all these
problems, the medical search engine can play a major role in UI.

The medical search
engine application can help the users in providing information related to the
medical field.

It can enable the user
in getting the information of the symptoms of the disease and the availability
of the medicines in the medical shops near us.





Now -a-day’s technology is improving day
by day, by creating an android application like e-shopping application we can
get information from your place itself.

A new approach called fine grained and
patient centric data access control in multi owner provides security for the
personal data.

You can also get the
information about the cost of the medicines which will avoid in excess payment
to the medicines that you are buying from the medical stores. 

This application will
be of great help for the people to know about the information of the medicines
that they require.

There are medical
stores which charge more than the actual rate of the medicines, to solve all
these problems, the medical search engine can play a major role

















Basic Requirements:


To know the information about the disease
and their symptoms.

To know the precautions about disease.

To know the actual price of the medicines
of particular diseases.

To know the availability of the
medicines in the store.

To know the availability of doctor and
their timings.

By using  java, html, sql database  creating an application for



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