Besides As we know this contrastive linguistics is a

there is Contrastive Analysis, in CT there is also another discipline named
Contrastive Linguistics. In Contrastive Analysis we learn about a way to
identifying a word, phrase, clause and sentence differences and similarities.
While in Contrastive Linguistics it is a kind of linguistic approach which has contribution
to describe the differences and similarities between a pair language. This
paper will discuss about CL and other discipline TS (translation studies), how
the relation between this two discipline and the effect of corpora which
applied in CL and TS.

Contrastive Linguistics is
defined as “the systematic synchronic study of
similarities and differences in the structure and use of two or more language
varieties, carried out for theoretical or practical purposes.” (Bugarski
1991:77). As we know this contrastive linguistics is a science that compares
the two languages in terms of linguistics. Factors to be considered this
comparison is a form of error or deviation by individuals who have the ability
of acquiring second languages. In CL which is the object of study of this
science is a linguistic principle such as phonology, morphology, sentence
order. CL is an appropriate method for analyzing the principle of difference
and equality in dialect language, which is also useful for foreign-language
teaching or second-language teaching. On other hand, Translation Studies is the discipline that deals with the study of
translation, and translation is “a skill, a savoir-faire, that consists in
going through the translating process, and being capable of solving the
translation problems that arise in each case” (Hurtado, 2001: 25) TS itself is not only cooperate with
linguistics discipline but the other too. Such as have relation in sociology,
psychology, culture and many more.

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Both CL and TS was dominated by the lack of
academic status of the latter. As the relationship between Contrastive
Linguistics and Translation Studies before corpus-based approach is available
to this discipline, both are related to language and linguistics in general and
deal with two languages at the same time. The interest which related to CL and
TS led to a substional amount of
literature on the relationship between these two disciplines in early stage. (Bausch 1972; Raabe 1972; Kühlwein et al. 1981) There
are two issues related to the two disciplines : 1) for contrastive analysis is
about the usefulness of translation equivalence as tertium comparationis, and
2) for translation studies is the application of the result of CA in different


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