Collaboration to success of an organization. Why Collaborate? 1.

Collaboration is taking over the workplace. As businesses become increasingly global, team members can be anywhere and so, collaborative teamwork is seen as the key to success of an organization.

Why Collaborate?

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1.       Drive Alignment

Collaboration helps in shared understanding and alignment across your modeling team. It increases the clarity of the architectural problem at hand for all the stakeholders and ensures everyone is on the same page. Everybody can then discuss and agree on the solution and work towards achieving it. It becomes easy to move the ball from one court to another without any issues. Actions will be done quickly and problem-solving will be faster and more effective.

2.       Hit the Deadline with ease

Collaboration greatly enhances the productivity of individuals in a team and the teams within your organization. With a good online collaboration tool for your Enterprise Architect team, there is no longer a need for arranging a meeting or phone call in order to discuss your EA models. Reviews can be set up easily, reviewers can then add their feedback and notify all the stakeholders. This makes the workflow steady and organized, with the participants promptly contributing when necessary.

You will save tremendous amounts of time. There will be less confusion and agility of work will be increased.

3.       Sense of Community

A collaborative workplace builds a sense of community within your organization. This motivates your teams to go ahead with informed and sound decisions. Collaboration eliminates frictions and silos.

Work is made better by working together.

4.       “Two heads are better than one”

This old adage is applicable to all situations even today. By ensuring that every stakeholder is engaged in the modeling process, you gain multiple perspectives in terms of ideas and visions. Every participant will be able to bring a different set of skills and points of view to problem at hand.


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