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 Content Upgrade Tools To Build Your List Faster Than EverWe all want more subscribers on our email list, right? More email subscribers means a bigger pool of prospects. And a bigger pool of prospects increases the likelihood of instant sales for any business.If you struggle to build an email list with classic exit popups and optin forms, here’s a better way to do it. No matter if you’re just starting with list building or you already have a list of thousands, this post can help you get higher list growth rates.What are content upgradesSo, a better way to build your list is using content upgrades on your blog. In fact, content upgrades are one of the best ways to grow your email list.Content upgrades are like lead magnets but far more targeted. A lead magnet is basically a juicy freebie that you offer readers as an incentive to sign up to your mailing list.Content upgrades tweak the lead-magnet formula by offering post-specific incentives instead of one general PDF for your entire site.Content upgrades are more effective because someone who reads a blog post to the bottom, especially when they have found the blog from the search engines, is interested in that topic. And they have a better chance of entering their email to get a PDF that is closely linked to the post topic. If the person wants access, all they have to do is subscribe to your list to get the PDF.Anything closely related to the topic can be a content upgrade and help you grow your email list faster than ever. A checklist, a cheatsheet, some advanced tips, additional resources or even the blog post as a PDF.Here’s a list of ideas for content upgrades to get your creative juices flowing.Because content upgrades are post-specific, you need to have the right tools to promote and deliver the PDF. A simple optin form with an autoresponder won’t do the trick. You need a tool that allows you to create different offers, place them on different blog pages, and deliver the different PDFs to people who sign up.Before we dive into the best tools you can use to grow your list with the power of content upgrades, here’s a free guide to 12 lead-getting plugins that convert cold traffic.So, these are the tools your need to set up content upgrades on your blog.1. Thrive LeadsThrive Leads is a complete list-building plugin from Thrive Themes. Thrive products are built for WordPress websites.This paid plugin can give your email list a boost in a whole lot of helpful ways. But since this post is about content upgrade tools, we’ll skip some of the more general features and focus on how Thrive Leads helps you deliver content upgrades.First, you can create a variety of different optin forms to entice the readers of different topics.You can place a call to action within the post content and at the bottom of the post. You can also use popups that are specific to that post. For your forms, you can use a template or create a new design from scratch using the new Thrive Architect builder.Then, Thrive Leads will automatically deliver the content upgrade via your email service provider. Rest assured that the right content will reach the right inbox.Here’s more about the process: Thrive Leads offers a large number of templates to help you build the right form fast.Once you decide on a template, you can edit it with Thrive Architect, a WordPress page builder, the successor to Thrive Content Builder.As soon as you finish up the form setup, Thrive Leads makes it simple to display the content upgrade form on the page you choose.The plugin also offers a detailed targeting feature, with which you can target your content upgrades to blog categories or posts. Additionally, with smart links you are able to display a different call to action to people who are already on your list.What about a way to manage your digital assets that will serve as content upgrades, and actually send them to your readers?That’s what Thrive Leads Asset Delivery can do for you; It lets you use a third-party email marketing service to send the content upgrade to your new subscriber. The files are stored in your WordPress media library.2. OptinMonsterOptinMonster is a cloud-based tool – it’s not a WordPress plugin like Thrive Leads.  Although it’s a standalone app, OptinMonster has a WordPress plugin that makes it easy for you to enable the list- building features on your site.


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