Currently, thousands of families reunite and keep in touch

Currently, social media has found itself to be at the
centre and the main platform that individuals in society turn to for their
news, information, and entertainment purposes. Social media platforms have
helped thousands of families reunite and keep in touch all around the world. In
more recent times, social media has allowed a new gateway for business and
bloggers to promote and advertise their business online at no extra cost. With
a click of a button social media ‘posts’ can reach hundreds of thousands of
users online in a second. That is real power.


But why are social media users/influencers so popular
amongst society now? (Herring,Scheidt,Bonus&Wright,2005) argue that over
the past few years the popularity of blog posts has transformed from ‘obscurity
to immense popularity’. This may be because as technology progresses there are
new and more advanced platforms for people to show their individuality and
share their life or everyday experiences with the rest of the world. They go on
to state that blogs by social media influencers are more popular as they are easily
accessible, inexpensive, flexible and more interactive with their consumers, compared
to the past with print or TV media. One can state that social media has officially
taken over society as social networking is predominantly the medium that
majority of individuals use to receive their news, knowledge, personal, or
entertainment purposes.

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Moreover, (RichardE.Petty&John Cacioppo,1986)
developed the elaboration likelihood model is applied through motivation and
reasoning. Social influencers may use this model to help influence and create
an impression towards their ‘followers’ and fans on social media. This model consists
of two parts: firstly, the centrally routed messages; this is where one would
become motivated as they are paying attention to the social influencer, they
then enhance their thought process into a conscious view thus creating a ‘central
route’ to deciding, thus leading one to alter their outlook and adopt upon the
influencers proposal. And secondly, peripheral messages; this is where
individuals concentrate on the influencers emotional involvement, persuading us
(the audience) to feel closer and almost empathetic about the same situation,
this may be because one admires certain characteristics of the influencer.


From this one may also state, that in the past it was
mostly celebrity figures that were social influencers as they would endorse
brands and because of their fame, the social media platform allowed individuals
to connect with them. However, within society today this is not always the
case, with the help of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter
almost anyone can become an influencer. So-long as your ‘posts’ are captivating
and interesting or even if you are catering to simply one category of interests
like baking or makeup for instance, you are able to transform your life and
create a huge ‘following’ of audience online. Where real individuals are ready
to listen to your every word and follow your every step of the way. Additionally,
brands are ready to send these individuals their products to test out test and
endorse to their fan base. This is also known as ‘the rise of the influencer’


Furthermore, a social media influencer on Instagram known
as ‘Chakabars’ has a following of 621,000. Chakabars is a great social
influencer as the content that he blogs and ‘posts’ about is not news that is
usually presented on the usual media platforms such as; Print, TV or radio.
Chakabars ensures that the information and news that he is posting is true and
relevant to today. He posts of worldly affairs; wars, poverty, health, having a
positive mind set and much more. Chakabars is popular on social media as he is
a great positive influence on individuals all around the world, he acts as a
charity and promotes equal rights for all human beings, regardless of race and
ethnicity. He lives a simple life, a raw whole foods plant based diet, he is a
firm believer in seeking knowledge and truth. Chaka also believes that
individuals have the power to change and save this ‘dying planet’, he states
that we as human beings are our own worst enemy and are on the forefront of
global warming. He argues, through growing and farming our own organic fruits
and vegetables foods in our very own gardens we can help promote healthy living
and help eliminate poverty.


Moreover, his unique way of thinking and way of life is
very thought provoking and motivational, he creates a sense of hope for many
individuals that together, through loving ourselves and creating a better life
for those around us we then intern, create a better way of life for ourselves. Which
is why he has created such a huge following. Additionally, Chakabars unemployed
but he has begun projects around the world of building dams, vegetation
equipment, food necessities and much more, he began this project in Kingston,
Jamaica and is currently in Somalia. He argues that the media does not always
promote the truth and tends to manipulate information that is being fed out. he
states that ‘we should be our own media and create our own media’ as a response
to those who told him going to Somalia would be too dangerous, but in-fact it
is a very warm and welcoming place. In this way, Chaka practises what he
preaches and motivates individuals to look inside themselves and become better
for themselves and for the future of our offspring. Chakabars’s success is
purely since individuals too want to better their health and lifestyle, and
help the planet.


One can state that Chakabars is so popular due to this
rare and heartfelt outlook to life, can be almost addicting as it influences
individuals to want to live and embrace that way of life. Therefore, social
media influencers are the new phenomenon as every day, individuals seek something
more, something interesting. It is almost as though individuals are so caught
up in the materialisms of this world that they tend to forget about real life
issues such as the planet and our own health, but social media influencers like
Chakabars help humble and bring individuals back to the ‘real reality’ of life
to allow us to snap out of this almost bubble like lifestyle of becoming
entrapped within social media platforms for the wrong reasons, but rather he
enhances individuals and encourages them to seek their own knowledge and to question
the government, the media and the everyday products that we consume in our
bodies. Thus, bringing the ‘rise of the influencer’ Chakabars is transforming
peoples mind sets for the better and social outlooks towards conventional forms
of leadership.

















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