Democracy living inside a democratic society must agree that

Democracy is the most used type of Government since it
allows for the equal participation of the population. The people of a democratic
country have the choice to choose the laws that their society is based upon by either
by direct representation or with the use of elected representatives. Thomas Hobbes
argues about the requirements needed for the development of a true democracy. The
first requirement that Hobbes mentions is that the people living inside a
democratic society must agree that they will indeed accept the will of the
majority. ‘For in that they willingly met, they are supposed obliged to the
observation of what shall be determined by the major part’ The English Works
volume 3.  The second requirement argued
by Hobbes is that there should be regular meetings. Hobbes insists that if there
are no regular meetings set up so that the people meet and discuss the laws and
development of their society the democracy will become and anarchy. Hobbes himself
states that the agreement on regular meetings is a probable weakness of
democracy. He continues to say that the amount of people that attend these
meetings is not of major importance but it is important that these meeting are
frequent so that any bad and anarchic developments are not given the chance to
develop due to the gaps between these meetings. These meetings are given a lot of
importance by Hobbes since a democracy can only act upon its power once the
people are amassed together, and therefore when the people fail to meet up there
is a halt in the governance of the country. Hobbes believes that in the time
between the meetings a person should be given supreme authority over the people.
Although he describes this as a possible solution he also understands that this
has it own array of issues. It is these complications that makes Hobbes favour Monarchy
over other forms of government since there is no time gap between the Sovereignty
and the exercise of monarchical power. Hobbes’s 3 causes of conflict are competition,
diffidence and glory and he states that democracy heavily supports two of these
causes, he says that competition and glory are encouraged in a democracy. He does
not attribute diffidence as an issue since he believes that diffidence is not
that big of an issue in democratic rule. Hobbes states that every man enters a
democracy with the ultimate goal to persuade the majority of the citizens to
agree with his views for his own personal benefit. This belief comes from the way
that Hobbes philosophy in which it is clear that Hobbes believes that everyone gives
the most importance to their own life and each person will have their own ideas
and agenda. With this he continues to elaborate on the fact that democracy does
not allow for everyone’s opinion and ideas to be heard. This lack of equal representation
this then leads to the increases the chance of dispute and conflict and
eventually it could become a reason of war.


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