Denial which in the past may have been short-lived,

of this problem in Balochistan offers no hope. And thus, it is absolutely
essential that we provide viable remedies to mitigate this putrid situation:
which in the past may have been short-lived, but as of 2017, could bear fruit
for the province as a whole.

The Security forces and
Intelligence agencies should operate within the scope of the Constitution and
the law.

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The Frontier Corps should only
make use of the limited power conferred upon them, by the state and should be
penalized if they fail to do so.

Certain rules should be laid down
that deal with the engagement of security forces and Intelligence agencies
operating in the province.

It is important that all missing
persons are accounted for without a surcease. 

A regulatory Human Rights body,
led by a chief advisor should be set up to monitor activities in the province
closely and promote awareness of social, economic and political rights amongst
the general public, and provide them with ways so as to protect these rights.

There should be a drastic increase
in coverage of events and developments taking place in Balochistan, by the
media, while giving more screen time to issues such as Human Rights.

Absolutely needed is the reform in
the policing system of the province. 

The morale of the police force
should be lifted by making sure that they receive support from their superiors,
in all sorts of lawful actions, in dealing with threats and in their general
policing activities. 

Training camps should be set up so
as to provide the police force with the requisite training needed to combat
criminal activities such as these, in the province. 

It is necessary that they receive
full support from cellular phone companies and the National Database
Registration Authority (NADRA) to track down criminals.

Effort needs to be made to link
Balochistan to the rest of Pakistan and strengthen ties between the Federal and
Provincial government, so that the whole nation stands as one when faced with
another issue of enforced disappearances.  


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