Electronic their live shows too. In spite of the

Electronic music is
separated from a variety of genres because of the sound created, the digital
model with various audio reproduction tools, this system is often used with a
computer with various applications, but can also be created using drum devices
and a midi sampler and other production devices.


Digital music
played in the sixties, popular bands along with The Seaside Boys and The
Beatles used digital equipment to decorate their tune-up sounds. Duran Duran
used their synthesizers in the 1980s, they began to create a synthesizer pop
scene and affected a lot of electro-pop artists today. Daft Punk gained a
reputation in the 1990s, songs from the second album “One More Time” became
mainstream hits and introduced
electronic music all around the world.  Daft Punk didn’t fail with
their live shows too. In spite of the fact that they don’t play their music
live, the visual factors in their show highlight their sounds. Today the robotic
costumes are taken as synonymous with digital music and have been imaged in
movies, for example, in “Tron”.

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The artists i have
picked to compare are SBTRKT and Justice


Justice, the French
duet, Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay, produces a non-destructive house music
with heavy rock and metal influences. Their creation started in 2003, they
received 13 nominations and won five awards with a beautiful video
“D.A.N.C.E.”, this music is included in the album “Cross”,
an album that encourages them to be recognized. They remixed many of the most
popular artists, such as Britney Spears and Daft Punk, and their remix MGMT
received the Grammy Award. Their singles were related to the famous Wii dance
games, and their latest release “Audio, Video, and Disco” was launched in
September and received a 4-Star evaluation from The Guardian. Of course,
Justice has a strong influence of rock and metal on their image and musical
styles; their production, which consists of cutting basslines and distorted
synth sounds, has created great advertising, which is considered to be very
powerful and extremely loud.



also used as a pseudonym of Aaron Jerome, who is a relatively new artist and
his music could be called “post-dubstep”, in other words, there is more soulful
sound of electronic music, full of subtle drumlines, separate instrumentation
and darker vibes. His music is in constant rotation over Radio One, and his
tracks range from minimalistic dubstep to electro house with heavy disco

SBTRKT is a pseudonym used to support the
concept of anonymity. As he explained in an interview, he’d rather not talk
about himself as a person, he lets his music speak for itself, he portrayed
this through his name SBTRKT which is pronounced “subtract”.’ The name allows
him to express his music as separate from any single person or image and it sounds
special. This is unlike the Justice duo as they seem to show off the rock star
lifestyle outside of their music, and this is obvious in their documentary “A
Cross The Universe”‘ clips in which the Justice member took part with all the
images of women showing bare breasts, pouring alcohol over edges, and taking
various drugs. SBTRKT is represented as a more down to earth individual, who
lives for the music, rather than the lifestyle that successful music exposes.
Justice is represented as a duo who seem to propagate fast life, die young philosophy, this is evident in
their music videos. In the music video for “Stress”, Justice even caused
uproar. The
video is centered on young Parisian teenagers who go about the city and
violently harass civilians in public, vandalize property, the video also shows
many people of black skin beating up white people, which led to people thinking
of the video as racist. Gaspard Auge of Justice only said in an interview that
they were expecting some fuss obviously, but definitely not on those topics.
The video is disturbing and stunning to watch at the same time. Apparently, Justice
purposefully chose such a controversial director to create a music video to
accompany “Stress”, the video raises popularity of albums, which is key for an
artist to be remembered in the music industry. Of course, Justice releasing
”Stress” was a fantastic going to introduce Justice to a mainstream audience,
but I think they shouldn’t continue a
controversial approach to music, as it is possible that they will produce music
and develop the same image of being provocative and scandalous to fit the
agenda for popularity, instead of giving priority to their personal wishes,
being themselves and creating the music they really want to.


SBTRKT suits the music industry
perfectly, he has given an original image to himself, and now wears a mask, and
allows the mask to be the face of his music, electronic
music in a unique way, as he mixed popular genres RnB, soul and dubstep to
create his own unique combination. The self-titled debut album of SBTRKT received a 8.1 rating off Pitchfork, it placed the album at number 42 on
its list of the “Top 50 albums of 2011”. His live shows have been
described as being perfect, they  consist
of SBTRKT using digital and acoustic drums, along with Sampha, a frequent
associate plays alongside him with keyboards and adds vocal pieces to his
“The Pharaohs” composition includes the popular soul performer Rose Gabour, a
video directed by Tim Brown, who also directed Tinie Tempah’s “Pass Out”.



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