ElephantsIntro There are Asian elephants that live in southeast

ElephantsIntro An elephant is one of the largest mammals on land. Elephants are very smart, very strong and brave. They eat tree bark, small twigs, grass and fruit. What makes these elephants different is their head and ears, their size, and where they live.Anatomy (incl. Head and Ears) – differencesTheir size – differencesAsian and African elephants are differ by their ears, their weight, and their anatomy, head and ears. The ears are different by the wrinkles and by the ends. The Asian elephant have straight ends. The African the skin is more wrinkly and the asian has straight ear bottoms. Their weight is 1-2 tons different, the Asian elephant is  5 tons, the African elephant weight is 6-7 tons. The Asian elephants height is 6.5 – 11.5 feet tall. The African elephants height is 11 feet tall. Their head is different  because if you look at a picture the asian elephant is more “boney”(less skin on face), then African elephant has not a “boney”(more skin on face).     Where they live – differences Elephants live in different places. There are Asian elephants that live in southeast Asia, India, Nepal. African elephants live in Sub-Saharan Africa.   Asian elephant has a small head and ears. The African elephant has big ears and a big head. Elephants Both of the elephants are going extinct or losing population because people trapp the elephants and taking the tuskes. When people take the tusks that elephant has not much protection. Elephants help the mountains forest and ecosystem for other species. A group of elephants is called a herd. The herd is led by the oldest female. “A single calf is born to a female once every 4-5 years. After a gestation period of 22 months.”The elephants spend two thirds of their day eating because where they are so big in size they need all of it to survive. The elephant have a extensive amount of food, water and space.The range of there weight is 4-8 tons. The range of there height is 6.5-12 feet tall.Elephants are strong by their tusks. What makes the elephant smart is for the big brain and they watch others and follow, they also just remember a lot of things. Asian ElephantThe Asian Elephants are going extinct. They are endangered because people are hunting them and taking their tusk. There population is smaller than 5,000 and everyday it goes down 1-2 or even more. This is where they live in Nepal, India and Southeast Asia. All three of these places are where the Asian elephant is going extinct.The Asian elephants height is 6.5 – 11.5 feet tall. There weight is approximately 5 tons. To tell the African and Asian Elephants apart is the Asian has straight ear bottoms.  The Asian elephants are really sociable.African Elephant The African elephants are going extinct. They are in vulnerable which means high risk of extinction. What makes this happen are people are trapping the animal and taking the tusks. Their population is approximately 415,000 just in the wild. There are some at zoos but not much. They live in sub-saharan african. That  is where all the people are killing them and making their population lower. The African elephants height is 11 feet tall but that is just from there shoulder to feet. Their weight is 6-7 tons. The skin is more wrinkly and the asian has straight ear bottoms.


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