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Which three degrees/industries interest you the most and why?

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My three degrees that interest me the most are a Business degree (BBUS), Mechanical Engineering (BENG) and my favourite are Information and Communication Technology (BICT).

First business interest me because it all based on math and it is one of my favourite subject and my brother graduated in accounting major from UOB with 3.6 GPA so he can help me if I face any problem with accounting in the feature farther more I like the fact that most student who graduated from Bahrain Polytechnic are working right now in big companies and they have more opportunities to get a job compared to other universities student.

second is mechanical engineer is really interesting major and my friend who in this major says that it has a lot of team work and groups and they study a lot of math and physics as I mention earlier I love math and I graduated from technical school so I have a really good background on the major in addition I was a student at UOB studying engineering too and it is really interesting major to study but I quit because I wanted to study ICT Either networking or programming and because I came from technical school the only chose I have is to study engineering so I came to Bahrain polytechnic to follow my passion on electronic and programing .



Of the three degrees/industries chosen in question one which ONE is your preferred choice and why?

The major that I chose is ICT for many reasons. since I was a kid technology interest me a lot the things that you can do with is limitless you can do anything with just a few clicks and it help you and make your life much easier. One of the skills that needed for this major is problem-solving and I think I will be good at this because I love to fix thing and to find a solution for problems I face on my computer or my friends I feel happy when I work so hard on something broken and fix it at the end. Finally, I have some experience working on programming with c++ and HTML I’m still learning them and I hope to master these languages studying BICT.


What specific skills do you have that link to the jobs available in your preferred degree industry choice?

I have some skills that will help me studying this major.

I take a course at tamkeen and Anjaaz for critical thinking (thinking outside the box) skill, problem-solving skills, working under pressure and how to be a leader.














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