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Hello Parents! We all know that parenting seems interesting but it is very challenging in reality. So herewe are sharing some of the basic guidelines which can keep your on track to be a best parent.Eating healthy food is important for everyone, particularly for children. Growing kids require proper dietinclusive of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Parents should strive to keep up ahealthy lifestyle at home so that their children grow up as active and healthy adults. While every childhas different eating habit and children of today’s world are more inclined towards eating junk food,therefore mothers and fathers both should try every day to motivate their kids to eat healthy food.Parents are the first and foremost guides and mentors for their kids. They are role models for their kids.Hence, parents should develop a strong bond with their children since childhood. They shouldcommunicate with their kids about everything. Kids should be taught about the use of appropriatevocabulary which might not hurt the feelings of others. They should learn how to be patient listeners.Praise your child for making every little effort. Appreciation can do wonders. Encourage your child topraise others too. Keep criticism to minimum and trust them to make right decisions. Talk and negotiatesolutions when there is a disagreement. Encourage your child to develop the habit of self-analysisbefore sleeping and do share your daily experiences with them every night so that they can takeinspiration from their parents. They can also be stimulated to maintain a dairy to pen down their ownexperiences. Keep communicating; no matter what age group your child belongs to.Negotiation about hygiene is an essential element of positive parenting. Train your child to take bathdaily, brush their teeth at least twice a day, wash their hands before and after every meal time, keeptheir hair clean with no lice, wear stainless, tidy and properly washed dress(be it their uniform or acasual dress) and trim their nails.Set rules and make them follow those, by all means to make them disciplined.Assign them duties at home and set a time limit to make them punctual and responsible.Engage them with you in activities like gardening, dish washing, setting the dining table and servingeatables to the guests.Read to your children if you want them to be intelligent and genius adults. Gift them books on theirbirthdays and ask them to share the book reviews with you. Visit a book store with them and buy thembooks after reading reviews given at the back.Monitor your child all the time. Never let him use the gadgets alone and do not allow him to putpasswords. Stay friendly but in a firm way.Invite their friends and their parents at your home. Always keep a watch at whom, why and when yourchild is meeting.Plan a picnic once after every two or four months. It will strengthen your bond with your child and helphim express his thoughts freely.Never hit your child. Physical punishment only makes your child violent and aggressive. It can damagehis self-esteem.Use appropriate sanctions as punishments, such as withdrawal of a privilege, the cutting of pocketmoney or refusing to allow them out with their friends for a specified timeAllow your child to learn from his mistakes.Parenting is fun. Relish it to the fullest. Happy Parenting!


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