Hiring with the interview and end with the job

Hiring & Welcoming

What characteristics do you seek in prospective new employees, aside from the
skills needed to do their jobs? How does your hiring process (recruiting,
interviewing procedure etc.)ensure that a job candidate will fit into your

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are seeking for right people…

Recruiting employees is a process fundamental to
the success of a business, and as most of the booming business owners know, the
hiring process does not begin with the interview and end with the job offer.
Rather, it involves planning and considering the job prior to an interview,
recruiting and interviewing prudently to bring in the right person, and
providing new workers with a direction that enables them to get off to a strong
start with the company. People are what drive every
organization, and understanding the concepts behind the successful management
of this essential resource will help our company flourish.

Certis Way of Life is our culture and permeates our whole organization. The
Certis corporate ‘personality’ is determined by three overlapping areas:  Organization values, Organization work culture
and cooperate social responsibility. Our way of working is all about accepting
and embracing our values, and acting with social responsibility. It’s also
about a young and vibrant entity which supports its personalities to blossom in
an energetic environment.

Certis culture not only aligns associates with corporate goals, it moulds their
philosophy of work and therefore life. Changing mindsets optimistically takes
enormous care and time but its value is immeasurable. As well as encouraging
associates to becoming customer-focused, incorporating speed, flexibility, innovation
and passion into their work allows them to think more productively and perform
for results.

from the all of this Certis looking for characteristics from the new employees
aside from their skills needed to perform their duties such as

work ethic

for first place and candidate who set high goals & targets for themselves,
or respond well to widen goals from the supervisors, specify a readiness to do
more than clock in and clock out every day.

*Responsible:  consistently following through

who shows a dedication to completing task on time, as assigned, during the
application process will likely continue this behavior as employees.

Upbeat Attitude: Creating a excellent work  environment

Positivity leads to a more fruitful workday,
and creates a better work environment for associate employees. Vast employees
again and again stand out for their positive attitudes and earn upbeat
reputations for them. One characteristic to look for in a candidate is their
ability to acknowledge mistakes and still move forward in a positive way
 This suggests they’ll be equally flexible in the workplace.

*Self – motivated: Working successfully with
the direction

Certis frequently look for candidates who can
take initiative and get work done with little to no back-up. Complete eagerness
and interest in the work is repeatedly enough to make these employees. And this
self-motivation goes hand in hand with confidence among candidates.


strongly believed that the company success based on the works of teams and
entire departments, not just individuals. So when we conducting interviews ,
looking for candidate a history of group effort, as well as giving and
receiving positive group feedback.


of communication

is most important for employees to capture work environment and fit to the
company culture. When Certis look for this quality among the applicants we will
ask questions about their favored methods of communication, or for examples of
good communication they’ve experienced. If their responses (verbal or
nonverbal) align with our expectation they may well become a great employee.



follow two types of hiring process such as

Internal process (
within the company and certis subsidiaries)

External process


from within the company or subsidiaries

to advertising a position, interviewing, or making a selection, we must
consider several key aspects of the open position and the person they will seek
to fill that staff opening. Therefore experts of each section will be sent
their requirement and HR experts to be designed by advertisement including
company expectations, duties, expected qualification etc.


there is a vacancy Certis always prioritize for internal recruitment
because of the advantage to hiring employees from within the company are a
greater company knowledge base, continuity and improved morale. An employee
already in a business is likely to know more about the company’s needs and will
be able to approach a new position with the added perspective of his or her
previous position. Hiring from within also brings continuity to a company—the
talent of the individuals remains within the company, and therefore is “re-invested.”
Finally, employees generally feel good about a company which promotes from
within. It signals a company’s belief in their people and in the quality of
work that they do, and provides them with tangible evidence that their own
efforts can bring about career advancement.

a group of companies each of company has a separate HR department and linked to
the Group HR. if there is a vacancy, very first we are looking for within the
company and if he / she will meet with the company expectation he/she will be
interviewed within the company by respective company heads and   forward to group HR for the selection.
Second interview is the applicant is invited to an interview with our Group
Managing Director. The purpose of the second interview is to make sure that the
applicant fits to the job role, but also to create a relaxed atmosphere and a
good relationship between the applicant and the senior management right from
the start and he / she will knows about the company expectations too.

also if there is no suitable candidate for within the company ,we are filled a
vacancy approvals form and certified by the each company heads and forward to
Group  HR department. In that process we
are mentioned the requirement for internal advertising or external advertising.
Hence with the approvals of group HR will send a memo to all groups of
companies for the job vacancy.

employees can strongly take part for the application process. All the
applications received by respective HR heads and HR head to be done by the shortlisting
process and final application selection process done by respective division
heads. Again we have two interviews for the selection such as respective
company heads and the group managing director.

process for external

the applications

advertisement is done where the experts are and we advertise our vacancy for
Newspapers, Face book, job bank of institutes/Universities as well as in the
recruitment web sites such as Topjobs , ikman.lk. Our recruitment advertisement
is very open, simple and attractive and it’s done in a various channel. &
also our employees strongly take part in the planning of the recruitment
process such as they can introduce their colleagues to the company. In
favor of this our company has promoted recruitment allowance for each employee
who can nominate any candidate and entitle for this allowance. Therefore they
are eager to attend for the recruitment process. Our company values are
integrity, Respect and Team work and we hope we can improve our values within
this process too.


process of application

the applications received by respective HR heads and HR head will be done by
the short listing procedure according to the requirement of vacant position and
final application selection process done by respective division heads.

 Interviews procedure

person who seems like a potential candidate gets invited to an interview. We
have included our whole personnel into the recruiting process by asking them
what kind of attributes they like and don’t like in a possible applicant.
Therefore we don’t hire people based on our needs, but based on if they fit in
our organization. We strongly believe that if a person is a good fit for
Certis, he/she will find a good career path inside our company.


initial stage of our interview process is an interview with our respective
company heads, respective division head and HR head. The purpose of the first
interview is to ensure that the applicant’s understanding of the job
description, working culture, working procedures, compensation & benefit
process and Rules and regulations are realistic. This is the two way
communication method and candidate can freely ask for the questions what he/
she needs to ask from the interview board. Hence we are handling this interview
in a friendly manner as a group discussion and candidate feel very comfortable
during the interview process.


The second interview always includes an employee who
works on similar job role as the applicant, so that he/she can get answers
straight from an expert. During the interview we also go through different
kinds of technical tasks, so that we can get to know the applicant’s
capabilities and this interview not include for all the categories. As an
example for the designation of Multi Duty clerks IT skills will be tested with
a practical test.



3rd Interview


Considering the first and second interviews, we are short
listing again with the total marks and selected minimum three candidates with
higher marks for final interview. This will be decided after the group
discussion by interview panel.


Third interview is done by our Group Managing director
and Group HR director and they  always
make sure that the   applicants  is fit 
for our company and  the  future plans, But  also to create a relaxed atmosphere and a
good relationship between the applicant and the senior management right from
the start.


After the few discussion with Group HRD, Selection approvals
decided by the Group Managing Director.



Selection & Offer


After the interview process most capable &
Suitable applicant will inform to the respective HR heads. As first phase of
selection process HR will checking employee references what is the mentioned in
the applicant CV.


If the process goes well HR inform to selected
candidate within two days and issue an offering letter including starting
salary, Staring date/ time, and location to be reported. And also other two
applicants were informed the same day that they are not selected for job and we
will keep your information for our future requirement.



2.2 How do you welcome new employees and integrate
them into your culture?


Once the hiring decision is made and the job offer is
accepted, HR head prepares to welcome a new employee. An employee orientation
program should produce good will and provide education about the company &
it will consider the most important part because it is the new employee’s first
impression of the company. Certis Group has the structured induction training
program for all companies. 


 On the first
day employee should needs to complete HR correspondence such as Statutory
requirement documents, Job description, Appointment letters and other relevant
documents.& also HR head will give a brief introduction about certis group
( including company vision mission history & future) , Company culture
,  Company structure( Managers and co –
workers), Rules & regulation, Entrance and exit for the building, Location
of departments, location of restroom, operation of the phone system, dress
code, parking , Training schedule, Payroll policies, Office Ours, Company
communications and open door policies and company policy against harassment and


After that employee is handed over to the relevant
department head, and division head should needs to introduce a new employee to
the all departments. And the division head is briefly explaining the duties and
responsibilities and assign the person for guide the new employee.


After that, for new employee is given the desk,
Company dairy, Computer Machine, Stationery and Email account with username and
pass word.


After all and all Certis will give a fresh &
strong start for new employees and they can work with a minimum supervision
under the low work pressure.


During the one years of Probation period, Divisional
head will be personally monitor the employee feedbacks and performance time to
time such as one month of the date of join, 03 months, 06 months and 09 months
and 12 months. According to the period of time respective division head will
closely monitor the new employees.



Other suggestions



Work life – new blood may be change as young blood


*Welfare benefit – We can mention death donation, loan facilities.

* Also extension percentage of gratuity after the resignation for long
service employees (beyond the legal expectation)

* Bonus for twice a year

*Work life – we are maintaining friendly culture, department day outs

*25% of education reimbursement

* Financial benefit we can include Shoe Allowance and Medical Allowance.



* needs to include Ape pattare



Recognition letters


Appreciation tokens

Scholarships to employees children

Rewarding employees quarterly

Verbal thanking by Senior


Salary Increment



*1.1 -Training – counselling even a personal matter

*1.2- Sick person – we will visit to the hospital and getting help from
home nursing company

 Baby Birth – We are sending a
flower bouquet/ Giving 03days leave for Father

Funeral – we are sending banner /Death donation

Wedding – we are paying a one month salary as a gift from the company for
wedding date



Company get together

Branch opening

Xmas carols – include the home
nursing pictures of carol

Wesak lanterns

New year celebration, Awurudu

Employees bday celebration

Team celebration – promotions party


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