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I recently moved schools. I went to a private school called Prince Avenue Christian School for 7th and 8th grade. Now I go to Clarke Central High School, a public school. Prince does have a high school but with the help from my parents I decided to go to Clarke Central for high school. There are many differences between public and private schools.Students and parents may choose to go to private school for a variety of reasons, including religion, single-sex education, as well as the experiencing of a  more flexible curriculum, which is something private schools are known for. Because private schools are independently funded, parents and guardians of private school students have to pay tuition, which goes toward financing the school. But unlike public schools, private schools can design their own curriculum, which can be both an advantage or a disadvantage since this independence could cause low standards. Also, private schools don’t have to have certified teachers, which can also be risky, and if a child has special needs, special needs programs aren’t always available in private schools.But, private schools are more likely to have smaller class sizes, since they require special admissions. And according to Niche Data private schools are more likely to be accepting of students from minority groups and have anti-bullying campaigns so the chances of a child who got bullied in a public school is much lower. Plus, private high schools are known to produce higher standardized test scores and have more graduates than public schools have.Nearly 50 million students enroll in public schools in the United States, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Most people probably assume that private schools would definitely be better than public schools because of their unique education and smaller classes, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact, some public schools, like charter schools, offer the perks of private schools (flexible curriculum) without the cost of tuition. Similarly, magnet schools are public schools that have high academic standards and competitive admission like private schools.But unlike their private counterparts, public schools have larger class sizes and not much flexibility when it comes to the curriculum. Plus, they are under a lot more standards when it comes to rules and regulations. The biggest perk of attending a public school over a private school is saving money. Public schools are free. Which means there is no tuition required. Also, unlike private schools, public schools have a set of standards to hold to, with teachers that are state-certified and special education programs for students that learn differently from others. The most obvious discrepancy between public and private schools comes down to, whether you like it or not, money. The good news for parents is that public schools cannot charge tuition. The bad news is that public schools are complicated, often underfunded operations influenced by the government. Financed through federal, state, and local taxes, public schools are part of a larger school system, which functions as a part of the government and must follow the rules and regulations set by politicians.In comparison, private schools must make their own funding, which typically comes from a variety of sources. Such as tuition, private grants and fundraising from parents, alumni, and other community members. If the school is associated with a religious group, the local branch may provide an important source of funding as well.For parents this quickly translates into the bad news: high tuition costs and sometimes an exhausting work calendar of parent-sponsored fundraisers. According to the National Association of Independent Schools, the median tuition for their member private day schools in 2008-2009 in the United States was $17,441.The potential benefits of private schools accrue from their independence. Private schools do not receive tax revenues, so they do not have to follow the same sorts of regulation that govern public schools. This allows many private schools to be highly specialized, offering differentiated learning, advanced curriculum or programs geared toward specific religious beliefs. From my time so far at Clarke Central I have enjoyed it much more than Prince Avenue. The teachers and education has been, believe it or not, so much better than Prince Avenue. Even though I have to deal with the fighting, cussing and people who don’t want to be in school so they try everything in their power to make in miserable for everyone else, it’s worth it. I am very happy I moved schools.


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