I last competition in 2016. Michael Phelps career has

  I come to school and see my same old friends,
and attend the same old classes.  It has
become very repetitive; swim practice, school classes, and then home, to
prepare for it again the next day.  I hate
the routine but that is what it has become. 
I tried all kinds of sports in Junior high, but I was never “the best”
at any of these team sports, including basketball, football, or baseball.  I was good at swimming, that is where I
excelled.  I had a growth spurt in 8th
grade and thinned out, so I wasn’t as conscious of my figure, and I started
swimming in the 8th grade swim team and placed first in the District
Meet in all my events. 

  When I started competing at the high school
level, I realized that it takes a lot more effort and practice to be able to stand
out and place in tournaments or invitationals at this level.  I work hard to try and top records and
develop my swim style, but sometimes lose focus of my goals. 

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  My hero throughout my swimming career has
always been Michael Phelps.  He has
broken all kinds of records and taken home all kinds of medals. He is now
an American retired competitive swimmer and the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time,  with a total of 28 medals.  Michael also holds the all-time record for Olympic gold medals, which
is 23. 

  It is known that
Phelps went through some legal and political issues but was later pardoned and
exonerated.  He was constantly under the
public’s eye and had difficulties adjusting to the popularity and
publicity.  Michael was able to complete his
practice and training.  Phelps was
successful from the beginning of his career in 2004 to his last competition in

  Michael Phelps
career has demonstrated to me that any person who dedicates their time and
effort, with a little bit of talent, can become successful.  I recognize that through hard work I can
become successful, I will be successful. 


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