I Project ‘Leap’ which was an initiative to train

I am K.V.
Smitha, originally from Kerala but born and brought up in Delhi. I graduated
with First Class in Economics from Hindu College, University of Delhi. In
addition to studying the core subjects of Economics, I was also a part multiple
societies. As a volunteer at National Service Scheme, I taught students of
Gandhi Ashram, a boarding school for the underprivileged. At Enactus, I was a
member of Project ‘Paryojan’ which was aimed at making economically weaker
women, self-sufficient by tapping into their culinary skills. I also served as
the Editor for the department’s annual Economics journal – Arth and led a team
of over ten writers.

graduating, I was hired as a ‘Project Consultant’ by Kantar IMRB under Project
‘Leap’ which was an initiative to train graduates as market researchers. I
worked at IMRB for one year where I was a part of the Marketing Science Group.
I was a part of two internal studies aimed at improving the methods of market
research. My role largely included data analysis and assisting the Associate
Vice President in statistical modeling. I ran market simulation tests and
worked on IMRB’s proprietary tool to estimate sales potential of new product
launches by studying consumers’ opinions. If my interest in data analysis was
fuelled by IMRB, then the passion for research is driven by my learning from
college internships. While at Hindu, I got the opportunity to intern at the
Office of Professor MV Rajeev Gowda, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha. I
analyzed some Legislative Bills and their impact on various stakeholders. It is
this interest in data analysis and research which has drawn me to pursue a
career in management consulting, a field where one generates data insights and
answers the ‘Why’s and the ‘What’s. Education in management will help me learn
drill down and isolate problem areas in firms through case studies. I will understand
the different forces that drive a business, how to allocate scarce resources
and how to evaluate industries. Experience in management consulting will
eventually help build industry-wide experience over the years.

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Apart from
number crunching and research, I also take interest in blogging and writing
poetry which is also why my friends consider me to be creative and fun. My
family believes I can handle tough situations and that I am disciplined. An
incident which reinforced their belief was when I caught hold of one of my bag
snatchers and handed him over to the police. This had a considerable impact on
me as it taught me to act quickly and wisely when the situation demands.

As a prospective candidate for IIM Bangalore’s Post Graduate Programme
(IIMB PGP) 2018-20, I believe that this institution will be a source of great
learning to me. Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics and Quantitative
Methods, to name a few, are among the many subjects which I am eager to learn
at IIMB. From the perspective of management consulting, understanding financial
statements will be extremely relevant to understand a firm’s cost structure.
The course’s emphasis on quantitative subjects will teach making sense of
numbers and drawing insights, a skill expected of a good consultant. Peer
collaboration will lend multiple perspectives on each topic owing to diversity
in the classroom. The opportunity to study languages at IIMB will be useful to
gain people skills which are of great importance in management consulting. Summer
internship opportunities will help me understand the rigors of management. In a
nutshell, PGP at IIMB integrates knowledge and application and will arm me with
the expertise to pursue a successful career in management consulting.


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