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In Pakistan, there are a number of award shows which cover various industries but as a matter of fact, LUX Style Awards are the only awards which cover all the industries i.e. entertainment channels, fashion industry, music industry, and the film industry. So, these awards allow its viewers to see all different industries under a single roof.Let’s talk about the LUX Style Awards for the year 2018. The nominations are recently announced and the awards are also expected at the end of the February. Let’s begin our talk with the film nominations. The films nominated for LSA 2018 are:Punjab nhi jaungiNa maloom afraad 2Chupan chupaiBalu mahiVernaMost of the people are happy with the nominations but in my point of view, there are a few blaring hiccups that need to be mentioned. Here is the first one. The movie listed at the top ‘Punjab nhi jaungi’ is undoubtedly the best and the most enjoyable movie of the year. As per my opinion, there must be the name of ‘Chalay they sath’ instead of Verna. I was really shocked to see that this movie isn’t nominated, like a lot of other people. And YES! It was disappointing too because the movie was great, the cast was supreme and the acting was amazing but…  The people are saying that the ‘Verna’ is nominated due to the lack of competition but I think it isn’t the fact.Moving towards the next category – the best film director nominations. Though the competition was really tough this year but a few names are really ignored. All the nominated directors are talented and deserving but the name of Yasir Nawaz is ignored by the jury of LSA 2018. After his blockbuster in the last year, he gave his best this year too – Mehrunisa V Lub U. Isn’t it the biggest snub of all?One of the many blunders in the LUX Style Awards 2018 nominations is that many amazing film actors and actresses aren’t included in the nominees. Winning an award is supreme but being nominated is a sort of appreciation as well as an indication of quality.Unfortunately, there was no room for Shan Shahid in the best film actor nominations.  Like seriously? He is a brilliant actor and we all know that but his name isn’t included in the BEST FILM ACTOR category. This is completely unfair as well as upsetting for all of his fans as he dropped his usual persona (macho man) this time and surprised everyone with his role as a singer.  Well, after seeing the nominations for LUX Style Awards 2018 for all categories, I must say that the LUX Style Awards must be replaced with some better awards.These aren’t fair enough to satisfy the audience. These must be replaced as soon as possible so that some better or I must say fair awards could please all of us at least with the fair list of nominations in all categories.


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