In prone to some mistakes, but you can be

In this age, everything is real in the virtual space
of the internet. The gap between online and offline is closing. A large issue
with young aged people is that they do not always see the physical consequences
in the offline or, “real world.” Though it should be a problem for just younger
children, many adults are caught up in this matter as well. People create
multiple accounts on social media, creating separate identities assuming their
various accounts will never cross paths. They use it as a way to filter family,
friends, work life, and strangers. People may have a professional email used
strictly for work and a personal email used for everything else, or a
professional Twitter, for example, where everything they tweet is formal, no
way out of line, and respectable. Depending on the sort of account, people
decide they would like to toss around harsh words and names in the comment
sections, or feeds, forgetting about the sensitive actual human beings on the
receiving end. People create social media accounts with the idea of posting
only what they want people to see.
This is also, in some way, how they want to see themselves. People take
thousands of photos of themselves searching for the perfect shot to post, where
they look the best, then filter and edit them up for others to see what they
want to see. They create a perfect persona for others to see, perfect in
society’s eyes. People post stuff on a whim not thinking about the
consequences, or thinking there are no consequences.  Whether it is posting photos from a party on
Instagram, or complaining about someone, like your boss, on Facebook, there
will be consequences. This is where creating multiple accounts come in hand,
but what happens when your multiple accounts actually cross paths? What if a future
employer somehow were to find one of these nonprofessional accounts? Sure
everyone’s human and prone to some mistakes, but you can be certain you may not
actually get that job now. As seen in Perfect
Blue, we can see how Mima was greatly affected by what she read online
about herself and the entire scenario that plays out the rest of the movie.  This scary behavior of her “fans” are a common
reality of many people in today’s technological age.



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