Location and its orbit height from earth is 5000

plays a major role in the stability and the whereabouts of the settlement. A
good location would provide us with a hospitable condition to live, various
resources to utilize and endless new possibilities to explore in the depths of
the space.

has multiple locations. First it
would be located in the Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) where its construction would
take place. Then it would go through the Hohmann Transfer Orbit which would
transfer it to its destination, the Aerostationary Orbit.

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Medium Earth Orbit

Medium Earth Orbit would be the primary location for the construction of Cambio.
The Medium Earth orbit is the region of space around the Earth above Low Earth
orbit and below the geostationary orbit. The construction would start in 2040. Its
orbit period is 2 to 8 hours and its orbit height from earth is 5000 to
12000kms. Some advantages of taking MEO as the primary location are:-

Ø It doesn’t require high
transmission power.

Ø This system is cheaper
than LEO.

with advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Some of them are:-

Ø Signals become weak since
it is present at higher altitude. Hence more power required to overcome path

Ø It is visible for only 2
to 8 hours from earth.

Hohmann Transfer Orbit

Hohmann Transfer Orbit would be used to transfer our settlement from the Medium
Earth Orbit to its destination, the Aerostationary Orbit. The Hohmann Transfer
Orbit will take our settlement from Earth to Mars. Since Earth and Mars align
properly for a Hohmann transfer once every 26 months, our settlement would be
ready for it till 2054. Also, this would be the right time to take the resident
in our settlement.

Aerostationary Orbit

Martian Aerosynchronous or the Aerostationary Orbit is the orbital location of
our settlement. It is located between Phobos and Deimos. As it is close to
Mars, Phobos and Deimos, laboratories would be set up on them. Also, as Mars is
close to Earth, communication would not be so difficult. The orbit remains
stable and does not deflect due to the orbit of Phobos and Deimos. The nearby
bodies could also be used for retrieving resources and extraction. Because of
these advantages we have chosen Aerostationary Orbit as our orbital location.










Ø 2 residential hybrid tori

Ø 1 agricultural truncated

Ø 1 industrial truncated

Ø 2 recreational and
research bi-truncated tori

Ø Cylindrical cylinders

Ø 2 docking stations

Ø Central cylinder

Ø Spokes (2 types)

Ø Rotation and attachment
rings (2 types)



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