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Logan WireBiggs7th29 January 2018EssayAnne Frank went into hiding June 6, 1942. Anne was just a fifteen year old girl lost in the Holocaust. She was born June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. She was with seven others while in hiding for over two years. To get to where they were hiding in the attic there was a secret sliding bookshelf to keep them hidden better from the Nazis. Anne received a autograph book from her mom for her birthday but then used it as a diary and began to write in it everyday during hiding. The big picture is Anne Frank was a very brave fifteen year old girl that wrote in her diary while hiding from the Nazi’s during WWII. The diary Anne Frank wrote in inspires many people to this day. The first published book was on June 14, 1942 (Dolores O’Riordan). Her book is still bought by many people to this day. People from all around want to read what she wrote to learn what it was like during the Holocaust. Her writing inspires people to realize that you only live once and you have to be thankful for what you have and what your given. Anne Frank’s book is called Kitty. The english translation is The Diary of a Young Girl  (Anne Frank). Her diary was wrote in Dutch. She wrote in it every day in hiding and told about her experiences. In hiding with Anne there were seven others. Three of the seven others were her family. Her father Otto, her sister Margo, and her mother Edith who gave her the diary for her birthday ( Dolores O’Riordan). Anne’s family helped her write everyday. They also got her food, water, and other supplies needed to live. Her family was everything and in her writing she expressed that to let the readers know not to take anything for granted. Anne was a very humble throughout her writing and pointed out not just the Holocaust and WWII but the little things as well. Following the elections in Germany, 1933 the Franks moved to Amsterdam (Anne Frank). Anne was not affected by this as much as her sister Margo was. Anne was only affected when the Germans during WWII were executing all jews. Her writing the diary Kitty was the whole purpose of her being scared while hiding from the Nazis. She wanted to write about her experiences and inspire others. After more then two long years of hiding Anne and the others were finally found by the Nazis. Anne was arrested August 4, 1944 (Anne Frank). This was day Anne and her family may never see each other again. Furthermore, never see the light of day again. Anne and her family knew what the Germans were doing to the other Jews. At this point almost 5 million jews have been killed in some kind of way. Anne and her family’s odds of seeing each other again or even living were slim. Anne and her family then got split up on September 3, 1944 and she was sent to the Auschwitz II concentration camp (Anne Frank). Anne did not make it very long in this concentration camp. She died in March 1945 when she caught Typhus. Anne was only fifteen when she died. Out of the eight people hiding in the attic, also known as the Secret Annex, only one survived. Anne Frank’s story lives on to this day and her life is even talked about to kids in school. Anne will never see her family again but her legacy will live on for centuries. She inspires thousands of people across the world and her book tells the story of what it was like during the Holocaust and WWII. Anne Frank was a very brave fifteen year old girl that wrote in her diary while hiding from the Nazi’s during WWII.


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