Louis and context of operation. One of the sustainable

Louis Vuitton pushed forward human rights in a very cautious
way. The Group is committed to fulfilling its responsibility in every business
department, and to assuring all of its establishments including in countries
where these rights are sufficiently entrenched will respect in human rights. The
Group outlined their corporate social responsibility in the yearly investigation
report. This report provides the most common issues in social responsibility, human
rights and diversity and precaution of discrimination, skill development,
working conditions, they also listen to the employees and engage the local


In the LVMH’s Communication on Progress 2017 report, LVMH provide the information
on the company’s profile and context of operation. One of the sustainable
development goals they have committed to is gender equality and empower all
women and girls. Since 2013, the chief executives of Group companies in Europe signed
the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles, all the Group companies in the United
States also signed. The LVMH Group show their company’s culture of gender
equality and the principles of concerning education for women, training and
developing women’s professional skills, this is the commitment towards gender
equality. Ten years ago, LVMH have already launched a program called EllesVMH
to support the gender equality in their corporate. In 2017, the group mark the
start of a new tradition: they won a prize that confesses the group, initiative,
or campaign within the company that truly goes above and beyond to support
women and their rights. 

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