Out theory” (Harrison, 1988), which were neither designed for


            Out of the 195 countries in the
world today there are almost 35 countries that are counted developed, and the
claims of these capitalist values and practices are claimed to be the basis of
modernizing for the third world countries and helping them become
self-sustaining. Primarily, the sociology of modernization and development is
about societies. Undeveloped regions, third world or even Palestine have their
own ideas about the progress which they face with their own cultures and ways
of living, many factors may seem not fully controlled such as the
socio-economic environment, social welfare or health. And that shows that the
internal and external are both important and connected, but that does not give
the authority and privilege to the people who think that they know better to
take actions over the Third world people.


or development theory is a theory used to explain the route that
the traditional
society go through to transfer the underdeveloped to modern society that we can
see today in the developed countries, modernization theory would only widen the
gap between first and third world countries, causing the third world countries
to depend even greater upon the first world countries for
survival.  By introducing modern methods in “technology, agricultural
production for trade, and industrialization dependent on a mobile labor force,”
the underdeveloped countries will experience a strengthening in their economies
(Bonvillain, 2001).

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            Many supporters of Modernization
Theory, such as, Walter Rostow (1960) who
suggested that all societies can be placed in one of five categories, or stages
of economic growth. Talcott Parsons who stated that “It should be evident that evolutionism, diffusionism and structural
functionalism all contributed to the theoretical ‘mix’ that constituted early
modernization theory” (Harrison, 1988), which were neither
designed for precise application to the Third World. And Daniel
Lerner who examined the process of
modernization in several Middle East countries, carried out a sample survey in
other underdeveloped societies, and supplemented all this with observations of
village society. What Lerner concluded that modernization is a global process, it
is the same over the world. Traditional society is diminishing, and
traditional-to-modern social change is catalyzed by mass media. But mainly
they all felt that the necessity for the rest of the world to look to the
Western model of modernity and pattern their society like the West in order to


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