Physician-assisted do their best to serve and respect the

Physician-assisted suicide should indeed be made legal in every state of the United States of America. Plus, people who are sick and diagnosed with a disease that will take their lives should indeed be given the right to die on their own terms. After all, why should the life of the person who is suffering from a disease that is untreatable be forced to live? By doing this, the only way this can be seen as is torture for the one who is suffering in pain.
Doctors who help patients die are not violating the most basic principles of their profession. The doctors who assist their patients in committing suicide are only caring for patients health. If the patient is in pain of unending suffering from symptoms that fall under physical, emotional and phycological turmoil. Also, one the basic principles of medical ethics state: A physician shall be dedicated to providing competent medical care, with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights. This states that a physician shall do their best to serve and respect the patient’s rights and self-respect.

This entitles the physician to respect the patients wish to die should the patient be in suffering. With this the doctors who respect the patients wish to do are not violating the most basic principles of their profession, they are but simply obeying them.
Our countries medical system must be rethought. When people begin the last six months of their lives on mother earth they must have the right to choose when to ‘pull the plug’. However, the ‘pulling of the plug’ should only be allowed when one is experiencing the untreatable pain for a disease one has.
I believe physician-assisted suicide should be legal because it helps those who are suffering and those who are terminally ill die peacefully. For this reason, patients who terminally ill know when they can’t live anymore so when doctors conduct a physician-assisted suicide all they are doing is helping their patients die peacefully. No one wants to die suffering or live to suffer, one would rather die peacefully so physician-assisted suicide prevents the case of patients suffering. Doctors who help patients die do not violate their principles of their profession because they are helping their patients be heard, and be free. They are respecting their patients’ requests for not wanting to suffer any more if one does not want to live anymore because of pain they should be allowed to have a physician-assisted suicide.

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