Something political campaigns. To many Americans, political parties have

Something that evolved and developed along with media technology is the concept of professionalization. Professionalization is “a process where systems, practices, and structures are constantly edited and evolved to make them more appropriate and successful at that point in time.” To summarize, professionalization is a specific kind of evolution in relation to the evolution and improvement of political campaigns. To many Americans, political parties have become well-run organizations, or professional electoral parties. This is because political parties constantly reshape and reform themselves to imitate modern management and organizations, and modern-day political parties are hierarchical structures that benefit the “employees” of that party, and the leader even more so. A lack of hierarchical structure often does not bode well in the modern age, as the media surrounding one party tends to dislike discourse and chaos amongst its own participants. These changes are a result of professionalization, as the introduction of media into the general public and political campaigns forced parties not only to change their structure, but their communication tactics as well. For example, to target potential voters, parties often use marketing strategies used by businesses. Online communication also takes center stage during the Internet Age for political parties as demonstrating and sharing messages/gaining support becomes more important, the internet in many ways overshadowing other mediums of communication, such as tv and newspapers. Just like with other preceding technologies, politicians use the internet to their advantage. When the press and gramophone were created, politicians feasted after these communication methods to further their political agendas. By this logic, the internet is just one tool used in a long line of many used by politicians to communicate with parties or share a campaign. However, when comparing the impact of the internet to other communication tools, the internet arguably minimizes the differences of different methods of communication and a catalyst for the transformation of the conduct of political communication.


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