Summary sister. Tom being the only oldest male child

Summary out of the SummaryCharacters Description:The Glass Menagerie is a memory play, which is set in St. Louis in 1937 during the Great Depression. Tom Wingfield the narrator and one of the main characters in the play is a 4th wall character (A 4th wall character is a character who is aware of their own existence. i.e. He knows he’s in a play, this is shown when he directly talks to the audience, sometimes) and an aspiring poet who works in a shoe warehouse to support his mother and sister. Tom being the only oldest male child in the family has taken the responsibility by leaving his dreams of leaving the family and seeking adventure, to take care of the family money-wise. Laura, Tom’s sister was born with a birth defect with one of her legs being shorter than the other, she is extremely shy and spends her days by playing with her collection of glass animal figures. Amanda, Tom’s mother is a widow who grew up in a southern family always reminiscing in her youth. With the the family’s low income she decided to have her daughter enrolled in a Rubicam’s Business College in hopes to pursue a business career in order to support the family, and make her children happy, but she shown as egotistical based on her own definition of happiness. Amanda claims to value her children’s well-being above her own, and in some ways her behavior supports that claim. She does, for example, subject herself to the pedestrian work of subscription-selling in order to help Laura find a husband. Yet Amanda’s nagging of Tom and her refusal to recognize Laura’s flaws indicate her deep-rooted selfishness. She wants the best for Tom and Laura, but her concept of the best has far more to do with her own values than with her children’s interests and dreams. And Mr. Wingfield, Tom’s dad who ran off years ago and left the family to struggle for themselves, except for one postcard, after that he hasn’t been heard from since.Plot Description: (I feel like I’m retelling the play and not really summarizing it)In the play, Tom is getting ready to go to work at the shoe warehouse, while Amanda makes breakfast, she gets a phone call from the Rubicam’s Business College telling her that Laura has skipped the first few classes, when Amanda finds her, Laura explains that she wasn’t fit for a business career, so Amanda decides to get her married, Laura says she hoped to have married her best high school friend who was a school hero, and an overachiever and who gave her the nickname Blue Roses but it was rumoured that he was engaged so then Tom gets mad when he finds out that Amanda returned his adult magazine back to the library without his permission then an argument starts and Amanda says how she doesn’t approve of Tom’s choice in literature and how he comes home late and suspects him of doing something shameful, then Tom argues back that he is a spend his time at the shoe warehouse working hard to pay the bills while sometimes going to the movies then Tom storms off to work. While trying to put on his coat it’s resistant so he throws it and accidentally breaks one of Laura’s glass animal figures which she demands an apology but Tom has already gone. Tom returns home after coming back from a magic show and has been drinking, Tom then gives Laura a rainbow-colored scarf, which he says the magician gave to him. He describes how the magician allowed himself to be nailed into a coffin and escaped without removing a nail. Tom remarks wryly that the same trick could come in handy for him but wonders how one could possibly get out of a coffin without removing a single nail.


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