The Jew’s did not deserve to suffer, It made

The holocaust was a gruesome time for Jews,but some managed to make there way out. But who and how? The various amount of escapees,had a strategy to escape.They found a well thought out plan,and went for it. Jews either escaped,or was caught and suffered a gruesome death.The camps that contained Jews,were either rigorous,and very hard to escape the guards,or accessible enough for them to escape. Various amounts of theses escapees,came from Auschwitz,and the Sobibor Breakout. Theses were the major escape places for Jew prisoners. These camps treated Jews very poorly,and the hatred for the various Jews were shown,very unforgettable.It was extremely difficult to survive and or escape. While it decreased population to the result of  more food for the world, The Jew’s did not deserve to suffer, It made a devastation to the world, and the hatred towards Jews was taken too far to the point  it was nonessential .The perpetrators,the Nazis and Hitler,that caused a tragic event happened in history,made it very hard to survive. Jews knew this,and some escaped,and wistfully some didn’t.But some amazing survivors did,by escaping.As multiple people,Kazimierz Piechowski,The Stermer Family,Leo Bretholz,The Arshanskaya Sisters,Stanislaw Jerzy Lec,Yoram Friedman,Rolf Joseph,The Chiger Family,Michael Kutz.The people listed,and authentic people that escaped various different camps.First is Michael Kutz,he was buried alive,beneath several bodies and or body parts.As it states “he young boy fell in and was slowly buried beneath the dead and the dying. He later recalled. “I tried as a kid to throw away dead bodies, dead parts of bodies and everything, and to be able to breathe, and then it was quiet.”(Listverse Amazing Ways People Survived The Holocaust). Michael crawled his way out of the hole,and later joined the resistance.As well as the Chiger Family,they dug their way to hide,and found themselves in the sewers!As it states “Weeks before, a small group led by a man named Ignacy Chiger had dug their way through the floor of their building, using only cutlery. They wanted to find a place to hide, but before they could find a new home, they were found by Polish sewer workers. Among them was Leopold Socha, chief supervisor of the city’s entire sewage system.”(Listverse Amazing Ways People Survived The Holocaust).The tertiary one,is Rolf Joseph,the brother had their parents arrested,and they built their own shelter to protect them.But Rolf got caught several times,as it states “No one who knew the brothers could shelter them together. So they lived separately but met every Wednesday at 11:00 AM, until one morning in 1942. Rolf was accosted by a German soldier and was taken away for interrogation… Rolf grabbed a pair of pliers from a toolbox in the van that transported him to the train station. He used them to work himself out of his handcuffs.”(Listverse Amazing Ways People Survived The Holocaust).Also,was caught again as it states “he was betrayed to the Gestapo and arrested again. He was beaten so severely that he developed epilepsy. But Rolf was unbreakable, and he hatched a plan. When he was left alone, he scratched himself and convinced his guards that he was suffering from scarlet fever. The Germans, fearful of catching something, moved Rolf to a hospital. A guard stood outside Rolf’s third-floor room, so he jumped out of the window.”(Listverse Amazing Ways People Survived The Holocaust).He was severely injured in the process,and by the time he got the to the hideout his brother was discovered there and they went to a old womans land on the Berlin Outskirts.There are many more people that escaped,but not focused on as much.These two gentlemen were very brave and fearless,Kazimierz to fight back several pounds of dead bodies,and also Rolf breaking part of his spine,and still moved on.As well as the Chiger Family,for thinking of such of a place to hide. The holocaust had various types of strategies to escape to concentration camps,which required advanced contemplation.The diverse ways of escaping,include hiding,fighting back injured, faking sickness, running away,killing,stealing,and so on.In addition, Yoram Friedman,at the age of eight years, Yoram was on the run after locals suspecting Magda taking care of a Jew.As it states “Her home was burned to the ground, but Friedman was able to get away.He lived in the wild, tying himself to branches high in trees to sleep. He ate wild berries and whatever animals he could catch.”(Listverse Amazing Ways People Survived The Holocaust). Corresponding,Stanislaw Jerzy Lec,went out to dig his own grave,but instead killed his captor,stole his SS uniform and made his way towards the polish resistance.As it states, ” Lec waited until the right moment and killed his captor with a blow to the neck…Donning the dead man’s SS uniform, Lec made his way to Warsaw, where he met members of the Polish resistance.”(Listverse Amazing Ways People Survived The Holocaust).As well as Yoram,the Arshanskaya Sisters,one of the sisters was bribed out by one of the guards by the father,the older sister was likely to survive on their own, so Zhanna went.The younger one was never addressed how she got out,but they both faked their identity,and became a musical troupe.As it states “The girls’ father bribed a Ukrainian guard with a golden pocket watch to secure the release of one of his daughters. He told Zhanna to run, since the older girl had more chance of surviving. Zhanna never saw her father again but was reunited with Frina within a few days. The younger girl never revealed how she was able to get away. The sisters found their way to an orphanage, where the staff created fake identities for them.Zhanna had been playing the piano since she was five. When a local piano tuner heard her play, he offered the two girls a place with a musical troupe that entertained the occupying Nazi forces.”(Listverse Amazing Ways People Survived The Holocaust).These are some of the distinct ways Holocaust survivors escaped the concentration camps,and there are a lot more! There are various of tricks to survive way more longer than they originally should have lived.Some of the tricks they used is beet juice,the beet juice made them look fresh,and brand new,which made them pass a medical exam.Relating to the idea,the elderly that had gray hair were executed immediately,but they used the hair dye to make themselves look youthful again.Addition to this,they also faked their ID,birth records,and passports! Corresponding,the children that were too young to work,were executed promptly.To save their children they used the “kindertransport”, this was a secret transport route for the children under 18 years.Furthermore,the Jews that had valuables worth enough to get let out.The Jews used bribery for there escape route.Lastly,they revolt,when the overheard about execution,they attacked,they took out guards throughout the day!These are some of the tricks they used to bypass the immediate execution.As the holocaust went pass,the more Jews were getting executed,and tricks and strategies were getting limited.The survivors risked almost everything for there freedom.The supplies to make them look youthful were going limited.The strategies they used were getting overused,and very easy for the guards to spot.The amazing survivors gradually made it harder to escape,as it states “According to Piechowski, their daring breakout led to one of the most iconic images of the Holocaust—numbered tattoos so that inmates could be permanently identified.”.This made it very hard to escape with a tattoo,and also to escape without it being suspicious.These are the tips and tricks,strategies,and what survivors has to do to escape such a gruesome place.


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