The many pleasure. The role of the poet in

The author chose to write the poem in fragments
possibly because his visions were in his dreams much like fragments. His dreams
were bits and pieces of visions, much like fragments are short pieces of work. The
first part of the poem describes the dome and the beautiful scenery complimenting
it. The descriptions of nature the author uses tell about the fertile ground,
with bright gardens that are surrounding the towers of the dome. The following
describes, “So twice five miles of fertile ground, With
walls and towers… And there were gardens
bright with sinuous rills”. Another description Coleridge uses tells about nature’s
chasms, “…deep romantic chasm which slanted Down
the green hill athwart a cedarn cover!”. At the end of
the poem, the author describes his vision of a damsel with a beautiful voice
singing of Mount Abora. Coleridge’s description of the damsel leaves you with
an image of a girl playing a lovely tune, surrounded by beautiful scenery, bringing
many pleasure. The role of the poet in Coleridge’s vision is to bring peace
with her dulcimer. Through her sympathy with nature she makes beautiful music
creating her own paradise. The author wishes to do the same with nature, but
not by disturbing its natural elegance. 


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