The following literature review of 13 research articles that studied end-of-life decision making for the terminally ill patient including barriers that preclude medical travel during the remainder of their life after diagnosis. The search method utilized in the following research was conducted via the Grand Canyon University library nursing and health sciences journal database. Key words included end of life care or palliative care or death or dying or terminally ill. The search yielded ____ search results from Science Direct, CINAHL complete, and Medline. Search criteria also included a preference for peer-reviewed, full text, and English language articles. The design of the studies ranged from surveys and focused group discussions; cross-sectional, quasiexperimental, and randomized control trial. The evidence derived from the literature supports the proposed evidence-based practice proposal.

The majority of the studies included in this literature review incorporated barriers for the dying patient as well as information on __________________. In addition to this, the literature also addresses the risks of air travel for the terminally ill. The culmination of the findings from the literature suggests that air travel for the terminally ill is not only low-risk but can also serve as an end-of-life comfort measure.  In several studies, ______________. The results suggest a correlation between ________________and ______________.

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There were ______ articles that directly addressed_______________. _____articles were ___________or addressed___. The remainder of the literature focused on _______________. The literature that specifically related to ______________ detailed various methods for data collection. A study conducted by NAME (date) utilized a randomized control design to assess ______________the number of something___. The methods used in this study were ______what type of method was used???___. The researchers utilized direct observations and questionnaires. The results of the study conducted by NAME (DATE) concluded that ____list all_________________ significantly improved in both training groups. It is important to note that there was not sufficient evidence to support that either training method was superior to the other. 

Another study conducted by NAME (DATE)  had a sample size of XX__ PATIENTS? ___. The participants were subjected to a TYPE OF TEST OR TRIAL of XX questions relating to SUBJECT. The test was administered before and after the implementation of VAP training sessions. Results showed an IMPROVE OR DECREASE in PATIENT OUTCOMES? OR SATISFACTION? in such areas as _______. Surprisingly, _____________ did not improve despite training. This fact was related to “____________” (CITE). 


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