The people in the government would make the working

The majority of the regimes taught during this chapter were
less than ideal. Given the options and assuming I was a youth coming from a
working-class family, I would choose to live in the Bureaucratic Authoritarian
military state of Brazil. For me personally, I agreed with the idea of having
free will over the choice of a workplace. Though it is known that military
regimes tend to limit workers’ demands, as expanded on in the textbook, the
goal of economic growth can create benefits of development that economically
brings lower classes to higher standards of living. These developments have the
ability to stabilize the advance in the state’s economy and therefore reduce
the levels of unemployment which, in turn, results in higher incomes for


While citizens may be repressed in
their freedom of speech, they are able to be expressive of their voice with
lesser degrees of control from the government- as compared to citizens of a
fascist or communist country. As seen under the rule of the first of the
military presidents after the coup d’état, Castello Branco, the regime decided
to uphold a constitution, a national Congress, and allowed for elections to
continue. Although it may only be a way of legitimizing the military government,
the idea of upholding democratic elements in which citizens feel they have a
say in the policies put in place results in confidence in the government. In
addition, while these attributes of democracy were severely restricted, highly
educated citizens were given positions in the government in areas in which they
were highly knowledgeable to advance the country. Given that fact, I think having
highly educated people in the government would make the working class feel more
secure in their occupation. The attributes mentioned above are all fundamentals
that I believe would benefit any populous regardless of the governmental

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Putting aside the fact that promoting
democracy may have been a way to create legitimacy for the military rule to
control the power. In my opinion, it would be better to work in a country in
which the government’s goal is economic growth while still keeping some aspects
of a democracy than a regime that controls every aspect of society.




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