Therapy primary care physician, who would likely refer them

consists of psychological and biological interventions which they both have the
same goal of alleviating distress. While psychological problems are initiate
from sources like biology, genetics, and childhood experiences, conditioning
and sociocultural.  Psychologists have
created many different therapeutic techniques and have created many different approaches
for all types of patients.   While doing
so each patient is made sure to go with the correct therapist or psychologist
to be able to improve and become a great self. 
While each treatment is different they are working towards one goal and
are to help those in need along with influencing other to be a major support
for their loved one, family and friends.  


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the past psychological disorders or having strange behaviors were known as
being possessed by demons.  Which they
were forced to do an exorcism and so on fourth, later on asylums were built but
they had  no treatments was being made
for the any patients.   During the
mid-1960’s deinstitutionalization movement was supported and the patients were
able to go home to receive treatment through their community. 

Today’s treatments.
Asylums are now psychiatric hospitals which are run by the state government and
local community hospitals, with emphasis on short-term stays.  However, those who suffer from mental illness
are not hospitalized.  People who are
suffering from a mental illness are able to seek to their primary care
physician, who would likely refer them to someone who specializes in
therapy.  People are able to receive
outpatient mental health service from many different sources, including
psychologist, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapist, school counselors,
clinical social workers, and religious personnel. These types of therapy
sessions would be covered by insurances along with government funds and


is when someone is working with a licensed therapist and start develop a more positive
thinking and managing skills and treating mental health issues such as mental
illness and trauma.

of treatment. Play therapy is a type
of psychodynamic therapy which is often used for children.  The main idea is for a child to play out what
types of hopes they have along with fantasies and traumas with using dolls,
stuffed animals and sandbox figures

Therapy.  Therapist principles of learning from classical and
operant condition to be able to help clients change their behaviors they do not
want to continue with.  Clients are able
to learn respond differently while starting to learn more of a positive behavior.

Therapy. Focuses, how the
thoughts lead to someone feeling distress. The idea behind this therapy is to
see how someone thinks to be able to determine how they feel and act. Cognitive
therapists help clients change their way of thinking to relieve their
distress.  This type of therapy explores
how thoughts result to out behavior is. 
This therapy aims to change cognitive distortions and one’s behavior.

Therapy.  It mainly focuses on helping a patient to reach
their full potential. Carl Rogers is known of creating humanistic therapy know
as client centered or Rogerian Therapy. 
Client centered their therapist use active listening, empathy towards
patients along with being genuine. 
People are able to receive help in many different ways when it comes to
therapy all they have to do is take that one step of wanting help and ready for
a change.


In conclusion all these treatments and therapy
are able to help people today with making sure they are approving themselves
along with receive help for their mental illness or trying to overcome with
what they are dealing with. Having to speak with a specialist is something
people shouldn’t be embarrassed in contrary we should be supporting them for
taking a big step in their life.  If we
didn’t have treatments and therapy who know what the world would be like
today.  Treatments and therapy can be
different but the outcome is helping someone and making sure they are getting
better and living for the fullness.  Not
everyone have support  but we as human
beings we should be a great support group for those who are in need.





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