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There were plans made by the English to find the New World and to settle. Queen Elizabeth made this possible with the help of Sir Humphrey Gilbert. She gave him her approval to search for land that would allow the English to colonize. This would be the first attempt made by the English at colonization. The queen wanted Sir Humphrey Gilbert to find land that was not officially owned by any prince. Even though the book states the first effort made by the English to colonize was led by Gilbert, there is not a lot of information about his journey. What is known is the year in which this happened and it was in the year of 1578 to 1579. It wasn’t until 1583 that Sir Humphrey Gilbert sailed with five ships containing more than two hundred settlers. After reflecting these details I can imagine how hard the voyage might have been for them. I think that two hundred settlers hoping to find the New World is a large number of people believing in a land that would give them a better life. After this journey, the settlers landed on Newfoundland and Gilbert determined that they should keep searching and then they all headed south but he decided not to create a colony on any of the lands they found. It wasn’t until the death of Queen Elizabeth in the year of 1603 that there was great effort to form colonies in America. In 1606 the ships named Godspeed, Discovery, and the Susan Constant carried around one hundred settlers to Chesapeake Bay area. When they arrived they created Jamestown, in the New World this would be their very first stable settlement.There where many ways religious beliefs influenced colonists to form their societies. They believed that a society should have rules created by the members that should be followed. From what I read I believe colonists interpreted religion in their own way and mainly believed their way of thinking was the best. If I think about how life was for them during this time I can see why they saw things differently. A detail in this book that really caught my attention was when I read about the period of time new settlers came to Plymouth in the year of 1620 and died because of hunger. The ones who did survive this harsh winter where lucky and met Tisquantum. He was an Indian that lived near the area and spoke English. He taught the Pilgrims how to fish, what to plant, and the best places that would allow them to do so. I feel that Tisquantum also called Squanto, taught them skills they really needed to know. After learning from Squanto these settlers were able to grow crops that were abundant. While reading this textbook I found details to be surprising especially when reading about the English attitudes towards the Indians. Some saw the Indians as “pitiable” because they did not have the same beliefs as them. The Indians believed in many Gods and they were looked upon differently than how the English saw themselves. An example that proves this would be this opinion made by an English colonist about the Indians, “Probably the devil decoyed these miserable savages hither”. 


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