We A trip to the Andaman Islands is incomplete

We all do yearn to get away from the busy streets, polluted air and the routine life to a completely serene and picturesque destination for a holiday. And no other place sounds better than the Andaman and Nicobar Islands known for its clear turquoise waters, unspoilt beaches, stunning rainforests,  gorgeous corals and an archipelago of 572 islands. The place never fails to satisfy the tourists irrespective of their age and preference.  Thus before heading to your dream destination it is better to be aware of what are the things you can do during your holidays in Andaman.

Exploring the Beaches and Islands

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The white sand, vast Bay of Bengal to look forward and the serene environment seems like nothing less than heaven on earth. You can laze around, soak up the sun and also find a picnic spot in the beaches at Corbyn’s Cove, Elephant and Long Island, making it perfect for a family tour. Any tour package by default will cover the Havelock Islands, Ross, North Bay and Viper Islands. Though the Islands are visited by many tourists, you can always find a private spot for yourself in the beaches.  And you should never miss the Radhanagar Beach, known as one of the Asia’s most beautiful beaches.

Water Activities

If you are someone in for an adventurous tour then you can never miss the wide range of water activities offered at Andaman. Jet skiing, banana boat ride, scuba diving, parasailing and speed boat ride guarantees you the adrenalin rush you wish for. If you are an excellent diver then you can explore the breath taking Coral Reefs by deep see diving. The others, who are not excellent swimmers or divers, need not be disheartened because even you can enjoy the beauty of the Reef by going on an underwater sea walk or snorkelling. The underwater sea walk can be done by any one irrespective of their age and there is no experience, training or equipment required.

Island Hopping

A trip to the Andaman Islands is incomplete without island hopping. You can take ferries from Neil Island of Havelock and Ross Island of Port Blair to enjoy the sunrises & sunsets. You can cover both the islands in a half-day trip exploring the Naval Museum, cemetery and ruins of old buildings on Ross Island.

Cellular Jail and Museum Trail

For all those who are obsessed with history and the past, the cellular jail and the museums at Port Blair serves best. The Cellular jail also famously known as Kaala paani is where all the freedom fighters were imprisoned by the British during the pre-independence era. The museums at Port Blair include Anthropological Museum, the Samudrika Marine Museum and the Forest Museum at Chatham Island (connected by a road bridge to Port Blair).

Apart from the above mentioned one can also go for trekking, bird watching and explore the beauty of the rich flora and fauna of these islands. Thus Andaman provides a memorable trip to any tourist irrespective of the age and preferences. 


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