We that have adapted or composed social welfare policies

We as citizens of
the United States influence political decision making daily throughout the
world. We do this daily in the various things we chose to participate in, such
as the environment’s we place ourselves, the employment agencies we apply for,
the organizations in which we associate with, the things we chose to support,
lastly the politics we indulge in. All of these things contribute to the social
welfare and well-being of the people in our society. It is important to understand
the social welfare systems that have been created and set forth so that we may
be able to set goals and asses the objectives we need to attain success. These welfare
policies are very vital aspects to any political system. There are numerous
amounts of other countries that have adapted or composed social welfare policies
that will endure societal complications that alter mankind. These complications
include but are not limited to the programs set that aide the impoverished of

These governmental
assisted programs include the disabled, underprivileged, deprived, and
unemployed persons that cannot accomplish or carryout goals to the best of
their own ability. The insurance programs equipped for the less fortunate and
marginalized, and benefits to health and shelter, all contribute to what is
known as social welfare. Much of the things we do enable us to influence and recommend
on policies whether they should be improved, stay the same, or changed

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As a mentor of Phases, an all-female mentoring
group, I have been faced with many decisions that required great critical
thinking and attentiveness. When it comes to making decisions that you feel
will best represent your brand and the values that you stand for. You follow a
certain list of morals that you believe is a structure preparedness that
enables you to make ultimate decisions that will benefit not only you but the
people that have put their trusts and confidence in you to provide and protect
the many things that are being asked and expressed in your program. 


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